Victoria Jane Leith Biog

Hello! Thank you so much for coming to visit me here:) My hope is that I will visit many people beyond the website and sing for your communities the whole world over! 


A little bit about me... I had a upbringing full of folk, Irish influence and plenty of performing, acting and art and played and sang in numerous bands, choirs and groups, mainly electronica and folk/acoustic. I now feel more like returning to my roots and embracing my faith more through music and art (which is the inspiration behind all I do - faith, family, love and joy! I love to share what I call tranquility concerts, whihc involve me singing beautiful and original heart-felt songs about love, connectedness, faith, the wonder of the world and well being. I recently released a piano piece entitled Boundless and am working on five albums: piano, devotional, lullaby, virtues for children, singer/songwriter.

I am a Laguage Arts/APerforming Arts teacher by profession and have lived and worked in the USA, China, Eswatini and the UK. I lived with her family in China for three years, two of which, recently I worked as the Primary Music Teacher in Teda Global Academy. I had the good fortune to lead a workshop at the highly acclaimed EARCOS conference in Thailand, 2019 and have been invited to lead workshops at NAME, UK. I have written a set of songs for children and communities based on virtues (kindness, patience, perseverance etc) and have worked in many schools to lead workshops and perform.

Victoria is keen to connect art and music whenever possible and is inspired to see performing as sharing, bringing everyone together.

I would love to come to your community and am currently available to book as a support act or as a full concert evening as part of her global tour, Worlds Within Worlds.

I am also very keen to work with communities who would like to organise wellbeing evenings.  These evenings are very special and are tranquil, peaceful, healing and reflective. They could be held in hospices, hospitals, prisons, detention centres, where families need outlets for grief and to find hope in beautiful words and melodies. If you'd like to find out more, contact me from the site!

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