Here Comes the Morning Lullaby Album

Here Comes the Morning is the long-awaited lullaby album by me! Created for children of any age and also adults who would like to feel relaxed, at peace and calm, Here Comes the Morning features 9 original compositions, using vocals, piano, guitar and natural sound-scapes, all created to help the listener relax and drift into a peaceful sleep.

I am currently recording in our home-studio in Whitstable. People who have already pre-purchased the album/selected rewards on the GoFundMe site will be contacted first when it is released.

Here is the list of songs:

- Here Comes the Morning

- An Angel's Dream

- Little Green Boat

- Moon-Time

- Miraculous Sign You Are

- I Wonder if you Dream

- How it all Begins

- Leaves Are Falling

- Oh My Heart

Here is a sneak peek at Leaves are Falling!


Dawid Zawiła 


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