Worlds Within Worlds

I love to share live and connect with people in real time which is why I will always love concerts and public speaking. In November, 2019, I started my tour... this is something that is difficult for mothers but also important as an artist. I played live at The Bedford, in Balham, had my first mini exhibition in 'Whitstable's smallest gallery' and then a bigger and most wonderful exhibition at the HorseBridge Arts Centre in Whitstable, which was an immersive experience of art combined with music. The responses were awe-inspiring and made me realise that it is necessary for me to share what I am creating! 

I have created and sold over 100 pieces of art which is not something I want to brag about... it is something I want to talk about! Being a mother, being someone who doubts herself a lot but who, when moved by prayer and mediation and ACTION, does A LOT, I believe that everyone can access this way of creating and sharing. It is so moving and humbling and strips away the ego time and time again. I ask myself, why am I sharing? It's because I want others to feel the beauty that I do when I listen to certain music. Here are some of the responses of the latest exhibition. If you'd like me to come and share my work (music and/or art) in your community then do get in touch on this website!


"Very moving! I was immersed in the most glorious acoustic, sensory experience with feelings of hope, sparkle and joy" - John C

"A deeply moving, calming experience, thank you!" - JH

"Beautiful voice, lovely experience, it was like having a spiritual massage." Paula

"The world needs more of this - an Ocean of Calm indeed! I travelled from Oxford to experience this as the artist/performer is my lovely daughter!" LB

"Absolute honour to be part of something so magically heart-warming and good for the soul - thank you!" Hannah from the Horsebridge

"Silk for the ears, a transcendental journey into the firmament..." Clive 

"The right moment to listen, look and think. What glorious playing!" G

"A really unique experience, the highlight of my week. Beautiful music and paintings, highly recommended." James

"Amazing! I feel so in touch with my soul after that, so grounded, so in love with beauty. Thank you so much." A

"Voice of an angel..." Ruth

"Paintings moved and grabbed me inside them as I listened to the most heavenly voice. At one point, the whole room turned into a white cloud of nothingness. I could see nothing else but white and my spirit slowly traversed in the paintings and tooks me into a trance mood of spiritual compunction with my surroundings." Enis


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